About Us

    The mission of the Southern California Chapter of 7x24 Exchange is to act as the leading knowledge exchange for those who design, build, use and maintain mission critical enterprise information infrastructures in the Southern California region.

    Our Chapter goals include not only improving end-to-end reliability by promoting dialogue among these groups, but also to provide a non-threatening environment to create better business synergies.

    We're Expanding! Get INVOLVED!!

    In past 2 years, we've strategically broadened our contact demographics and selectively grown our memberships at a rate that exceeded all other 7x24 Exchange Chapter growths as well as those of rivalry industry organizations!

    The latest Chapter initiatives include enhancing services in areas of the following (not listed in any order). *Please let us know if you think of others we haven't listed!

    • Careers (Jobs, Talent, Mentoring)

    • Education (DIY, continuing ed, peer-to-peer)

    • Programming & Events

    • Content & Marketing

    • Website & IT

    Are you driven? Do you enjoy setting and achieving goals, independently and collaboratively? Are you connected to others in the industry, a voice over reputable social media channels or simply want to learn how?? Click to view and download brief descriptions of newly considered Chapter Committee roles or read about them on our Board page.

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